The Point is an official Or-Tec partner for Dr. Sandra Tai’s course

To know in order to grow and compete, that is the driving sentiment of the event. On Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11, 2023, The Point will be present as an official partner in the course taught by Dr. Sandra Khong Tai at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. The course, entitled “Advanced Biomechanics and Design for the Treatment of Complex Cases with Aligners,” is organized by Or-Tec, the Association of Italian Orthodontist Technicians. Dr. Sandra Khong Tai The speaker at the event will be Dr. Sandra Khong Thai, one of the leading international exponents in the field of aligner therapy. In fact, Dr. Tai has been an Invisalign-certified

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3Shape chose The Point

The Point group joins 3Shape lab partners network On September 12, a new agreement was signed between The Point Group and Danish dental scanner and software manufacturer 3Shape. The Point Labs will now be able to reserve advantageous conditions for its network customers to digitize their practice workflows through the promotion of the Trios dental scanner nationwide. 3Shape The 3Shape company has been in the field of 3D digital technology since 2000 and is now a leader in digital dentistry with its 3D scanners and software for clinics and laboratories. The company’s mission is to provide clinics and laboratories with intuitive technology and cutting-edge products to exceed patient expectations. The

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The Point general states convened: strategy 2023-2024 defined

Innovation, digital and territoriality the keywords of The Point’s future On September 23, The Point gathered members and licensees in Bologna to set guidelines for the coming year. Here are the results achieved so far and the pillars of the group’s future. The mission The Point’s goal is to become a dominant player for the supply of orthodontic devices in the domestic market and beyond. The strengths of The Point are its decades of know-how in the field, its widespread presence throughout the country, and its access web space, which allows an efficient workflow shared among all players involved. All of this allows The Point to be at the forefront

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The Point in the future of orthodontics: our new website is now online

The Point is a network of highly specialized orthodontic dental companies, our target is the provision of excellent orthodontic devices for our customers and for the care and well-being of their patients, according to the principles of innovation and glocalization. We are excited to introduce our new website, which will allow us to be more connected and to the point in the digital revolution. Digital & innovation Digital makes us fast, efficient and connected. Being in The Point means working in a network of constantly developing companies and professionals who move together toward a single point: quality. From design to implementation, all our devices are produced following a full digital

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Interview with Stefano Negrini, President of The Point (Formerly Dextra Group)

Stefano Negrini, president of The Point, tells us how Digital Mentality improves laboratory workflows, facilitates clinical-laboratory and clinical-patient communication What are the advantages of digital for the orthodontic laboratory? Workflows are greatly improved and speeded up. For example, digital design allows aligners to be fabricated with the highest degree of precision and customization. Guides for indirect bracket bonding can be designed, retainers and devices for sleep apnea, expanders, distalizers can be fabricated. There is less material to stock and less time spent in the chair because with digital technologies much less time is lost with finishing and testing. Last but not least, communication with the physician becomes much easier, accurate,

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Imagine Orthodontics

The Event on new horizons in advanced orthodontics in Rimini Imagine Orthodontics, the event dedicated to the new frontiers of advanced orthodontics, was held in Rimini on July 7. Twelve speakers among the nation’s leading experts took turns on stage to talk about aligners, TADs and sleep disorders. The event initiated by The Point, formerly Dextra Group, explored the potential of digital technologies applied to orthodontics. More than 200 participants including clinicians and orthodontic technicians have decreed the success of this initiative, which opens the door to the new development project of The Point, a unique reality in Italy with a strong orientation to digitization and innovation. Thanks to decades

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