The Point general states convened: strategy 2023-2024 defined

Innovation, digital and territoriality the keywords of The Point’s future

On September 23, The Point gathered members and licensees in Bologna to set guidelines for the coming year. Here are the results achieved so far and the pillars of the group’s future.

The mission

The Point’s goal is to become a dominant player for the supply of orthodontic devices in the domestic market and beyond. The strengths of The Point are its decades of know-how in the field, its widespread presence throughout the country, and its access web space, which allows an efficient workflow shared among all players involved. All of this allows The Point to be at the forefront in the design and manufacture of dental devices and the control of logistics flows.

The Structure

The Point is a network of dental companies specializing in orthodontics, which provide the group with their experience, territory, and organizational, production, and management skills to work together toward the common goal of customer satisfaction and patient welfare. The group is organized in one operational office, with two coordinating officers and six members. For the 2023-2024 season, The Point aims to create work areas to be divided among members, resources, and affiliates, with the purpose of developing all operational directories.

The Results

Up to date, The Point has six brands, three patent franchises, a cloud for managing Arcangel projects, and a work station for testing innovative solutions. Over the years, several collaboration contracts have been signed with numerous entities, including a contract to supply orthodontic devices to the largest network of dental clinics in Italy, a contract for distribution and training of the H.I.M.A.M.E. device with Dr. Daniela Lupini, and a contract with Lancer Global Dental Partner for distribution of Air Mad devices. Also recently finalized was the collaboration with 3Shape for the distribution of the Trios scanner in the country, as well as a close collaboration for research and development on new therapeutic solutions with the University of Brescia, whose school of specialization in orthodontics is directed by Prof. Domenico D’alessandri. In addition, The Point can count on collaboration with the communication agency FiftyFive Media.

The Group

Being part of The Point network means having access to the group’s innovation and permanently evolving technofactory for patient wellness. The group’s laboratories receive constant training and development through dedicated mentoring for each stage of device manufacturing. The Point makes territoriality its strength, as it allows the group to provide support to clinicians throughout the country at unified prices.

The Point Access

At the heart of The Point’s project will be The Point Access platform, which will enable all players in the group to receive files for orders, validate manufacturing projects, and monitor flows from The Point to centers and from centers to the customer.

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