The Point in the future of orthodontics: our new website is now online

The Point is a network of highly specialized orthodontic dental companies, our target is the provision of excellent orthodontic devices for our customers and for the care and well-being of their patients, according to the principles of innovation and glocalization. We are excited to introduce our new website, which will allow us to be more connected and to the point in the digital revolution.

Digital & innovation

Digital makes us fast, efficient and connected. Being in The Point means working in a network of constantly developing companies and professionals who move together toward a single point: quality. From design to implementation, all our devices are produced following a full digital 3D workflow that allows us to monitor every step of their creation.

Glocalization & territoriality

Our glocal approach allows us to reconcile in one place the advantages of territoriality and the opportunities of multibrand innovation, to be always at the forefront of orthodontics 4.0. We offer territorial support and dedicated mentoring to our laboratories for all manufacturing processes, realizing a constant flow of training and development.

Connection & efficiency

We have created an optimized workflow that uses digital technology to create connections between each of the entities in the group to make work efficient and fast. At The Point, the laboratory communicates directly with the clinician to meet his or her needs and work together for the patient’s well-being.

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