The Point is an official Or-Tec partner for Dr. Sandra Tai’s course

To know in order to grow and compete, that is the driving sentiment of the event.

On Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11, 2023, The Point will be present as an official partner in the course taught by Dr. Sandra Khong Tai at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. The course, entitled “Advanced Biomechanics and Design for the Treatment of Complex Cases with Aligners,” is organized by Or-Tec, the Association of Italian Orthodontist Technicians.

Dr. Sandra Khong Tai

The speaker at the event will be Dr. Sandra Khong Thai, one of the leading international exponents in the field of aligner therapy. In fact, Dr. Tai has been an Invisalign-certified orthodontist since 2000 and has currently treated more than 4,000 cases with Invisalign clear aligners.

The Course

During the two-day course, participants, clinicians and orthodontic technicians, will have the opportunity to access the theoretical basics of proper aligner treatment. The fundamentals of tooth movement, resolution of malocclusions and diastemas, and treatments with premolar extractions will be just some of the topics covered by Dr. Tai.

The role of The Point

It is a source of pride for the group to be present at such an authoritative event alongside Or-Tec, which has always been a point of reference in the field, with which The Point shares the look to the future and the importance entrusted to knowledge and continuous innovation. Participation in the course in the role of official partner will be another opportunity for The Point to move into the future of orthodontics, making itself an ambitious protagonist of technical innovations in the panorama of Orthodontics with Aligners.

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